MBS Pilates helps you

With a 60-minute workout routine combined with specialized equipment.

Improve health, activate core strength

Prevent and support injury recovery

Improve physical strength, endurance and concentration

Relax and relieve stress

Maintain a balanced, toned and natural body shape

Enhances flexibility and endurance of the body

Conquer your beautiful, youthful figure with MBS Pilates

MBS Pilates  believes that every woman has her own beauty.
And practicing Pilates is a way for women to discover and honor that beauty.

Modern facilities

Specialized workout equipment

  • 100% brand new imported.
  • Meets international standards in size and material.
  • Diverse experience, optimal performance.

Modern workout space

  • Luxurious, sophisticated and inspiring.
  • The lighting space is large and airy
  • Arrange green plants and delicate decorative accessories

Gym system spreads nationwide

More than 20 Pilates studios located in prime locations in 3 major cities

  • Hanoi
  • Hai Phong
  • Ho Chi Minh

Diverse workout packages

Suitable for each individual's needs.

Flexibly combine and change exercise forms.

1:1 workout package


1:2 workout package


1:4 workout package


Coaching team at MBS Pilates

Professional - Understanding - Thoughtful

Explore your true beauty